Rafter DS Ranch
Rafter DS Ranch

Welcome to Rafter DS Ranch- SELLING OUR HERD

Rafter DS began with the purchase of Ulrichs Cheyenne; from  Don & Mary Ulrich Wyoming breeding program. The Ulrich's were famous for Leopards and the Appaloosa Shuffle. Cheyenne has 18 Leopards in his 6 generation pedigree and has produced several shufflers.

The FIRST registered Appaloosa was Babe (F-1), owned by Fred Busby( husband of my great aunt Maude Hoover) of Fossil OR. This horse was later sold to Claude Thompson of Moro, OR. Claude leased Old Painter from Fred in order to help found the Appaloosa breed.

Ulrich Cheyenne can trace his bloodlines directly back to Old Painter from FOSSIL. ANIMAL GENETICS; EE,Aa, negative for grey & cream gene, and other known genetic diseases. Ulrich Cheyenne's Foundation Blood Percentage is 89.07 % (using the IPAA method). Cheyenne is also registered with the FAHR & ApHC as 90% FPD.

After obtaining Cheyenne, Rafter DS then searched the Northwest for old line Appaloosa mares. We discovered  the Tobys, Pratt, Kaniksus, Foster, DREA, Goer, Joker, and Ulrich bloodlines proved to have the superior specimens we were looking for in our future mare band. You can see the pedigrees and photos of our current mares on the OUR MARES page.

We have reached many of our goals; preservation of the few remaining Fossil horses has happened. It is now time to move them into other breeding programs, and for  us to retire. Our program ends with ApHC registered GAP-5 fillies on the ground and a G-6 bred. Please look thru the pages, OCHOCO WAR JOKER is going to be exceptional, 100% FPD, and you can still name him, BABE is G-5 filly with Ulrich/Scripter breeding, Storm is 100% and turning into a Leopard.....enjoy.

Dan & Deb Stubblefield
47955 Highway #19
Fossil, OR  97830
(541) 763-2196

If you would like to see more photos of the horses and us, click the link -HERE